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Bacchus, in his long vagrancy, had difficulties to make himself accepted in all the cities he approached. Coming from elsewhere, he is considered as a dangerous god who brought, at the same time as the vine, intoxication and disorder.
Bacchus embarks for Egypt and brings the vine there. In Pharos, the king receives him with great hospitality.

Q1 : Who is the king? 

a   Cephale
b   Proteus
c   Procris

Among the Libyans of the delta of the Nile, opposite Pharos,  the queens of the Amazons live to whom  Dionysos  ask  to fight with him against the Titans.

Q2 : Who painted this work representing an Amazone and Centaur fighting?

a  Jean-François de Troy
b  Hendrick van Balen
c  Franz von Stuck

The defeat inflicted on the Titans and putting Ammon back on the throne are the first of many military success Bacchus had.

Q3 : Why did the Amazons,  called  "Oeorpata" by the Scythes, mutilate one of their breasts? 

a   cannibalism
b   to breast feed only one child at a time
c   so they could use their bow and arrow more easily

Q4 : Who is Cronos, the most famous of the Titans ?

a   the father of  Zeus
b   the brother of Zeus
c   the son of  Zeus

Then, Bacchus goes to India where he conquers the whole country.
Bacchus teaches the art of winegrowing and gives these regions laws and founded great cities.

Q5 : What kind of animal pulls the chariot of Bacchus according to legend?

a   bears
b   panthers
c   reindeer

On the way back, Bacchus has to fight the Amazons and pushes back the hords upto Ephesia.   Some of them run away to Samos; Dionysos pursues them by ship and kills a great number.

Q6 : What is the name today of the Amazon river where they lived?

a  Nil
b  Tanaïs
c  Danube

Q7 : Who painted this work which represents the battle of the Amazons ( 1618-1620) ?

a   Géricault
b   Peter Paul Rubens
c   Delacroix

Q8 : Who is the mother of the Amazons, thus the first  Amazon ?

a  Doris
b  Harmonie
c  Cymodocé

Q9 : Who is the god Priape who was part of Baccus' army?

a   his brother
b   his cousin
c   his son

Franz Von Stuck : wounded amazon (1904)

Q10 : What is the decoration on Bacchus' chariot?

a   animal skins
b   vine branches and leaves
c   crown of flowers

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